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DOI of the current version: 10.17605/OSF.IO/DB2W8

Table of relations

The table of relations consists of 222118 entries. Each entry describes the properties of the derivational relation between two lexemes Lex1 and Lex2.

Each description is decomposed in 38 columns, grouped in 6 headings, plus a column comment.

Table of lexemes

The table of lexemes consists of 388306 entries. Each entry describes the propertiesof a lexeme Lex.

Each description is decomposed in 17 columns, grouped in 5 headings.

Table of families

The table of families consists of 253131 entries. Each describes a family by its unique digital identifier (fid). A family is the connected graph resulting from the set of relations between lexemes in the table of relations. The value of a fid is the set of lids of the lexemes that form these relations. A family can be reduced to one member (a lexeme).

Among the 253131 families of the table, 71267 contain at least two members.

  • Download the table of families (HERE)